Artizen Photo Printing

Print and Film Scanning

We take the time that is needed to make sure each Print or Film Scanning project is handled in a timely manner with an end product you will love. Have you ever lost a CD/DVD, Flash Drive or Hard Drive? Your whole project will be maintained on our local data servers for as long as you wish. Our local servers are backed up in the cloud making sure the chances of data loss are almost nil. If you loose your files because the dog ate your DVD we are here to save the day.
Print Scanning at 1200dpi
4 x 6 prints:  $1.00 per print
5 x 7 prints:  $1.50 per print
8 x 10 prints:  $2.00 per print.

Larger prints are scanned in sections and stitched back together.

We also provide photography services for large print duplication.

Film Scanning
35mm Slides and Negatives at 2400dpi:  $.75 per image.
2.25 x 2.25 and 120 up to 6 x 6 at 2400dpi:  $1.25 per image.
4 x 5 Sheet Film at 1200 dpi:  $1.75 per image.
8 x 10 Sheet Film at 1200 dpi:  $2.25 per image.
Two sets of files are provided on a Flash Drive.  16bit TIFF and 8bit JPEG.  TIFF's are for printing high quality Heirloom Prints and the JPEG's are for posting on the web.
Flash Drives are $14.95 and hold approximately 32 GB of data.

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